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Play music, not just an instrument

“Oh, you’re a musician. What do you play?”, “I play music” Most of us will answer that question with a specific instrument, I know I did for years. I now answer it with “music.” This usually results in a confused

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Jam, decide, repeat, repeat, monotony, discover

I was in a jam session a couple of years ago with a few local musicians (ye might remember who ye are) and we were hitting a wall. We had been jammin’ for a while and had a few good

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Why delay, act now. If not, record.

Procrastination is an annoying thing, we’re all guilty of it at some stage. I’m sure there is studies out there that explain why we procrastinate. And there are many techniques you can use to push through it. I’m definitely guilty

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See where your fingers take you

It’s beneficial to structure your practice sessions. By doing this you can make progress with new technique’s, difficult pieces and more. However, after reading this post from NoTreble I thought “what if I don’t structure this practice session? How about

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What’s your mental approach?

How you approach a task greatly influences many aspects of the task, including whether you will succeed or not and how much you will enjoy the task. I learned from Victor Wooten’s book The Music Lesson and Gerald Klickstein’s book

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Hello, and Welcome

As I sit here about to write my first post, the hardest thing to decide on is a topic which will grab your attention. My first thought is to give a history of my musical journey so far, but that

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