Why delay, act now. If not, record.


Procrastination is an annoying thing, we’re all guilty of it at some stage. I’m sure there is studies out there that explain why we procrastinate. And there are many techniques you can use to push through it. I’m definitely guilty of it anyway. It’s a constant battle but I have to do it, and when I do it it’s worth it.

There is one common enemy we’re all battling against, and that’s time. No one can make time, stretch it, or create more. We just have to make the most of it. That right there is my main motivation for not delaying and acting now. Feel free to steal it for yourself, as we say in work “Steal with pride!”

I don’t think a person can stay motivated 100% of the time, so I use a simple technique when I am procrastinating. I write whatever I’m telling myself I should do down in my notebook. If I think of something I should do but procrastination has me in it’s grip I write it down in my notebook. I check this notebook on a daily basis, usually when I’m feeling motivated to get something done. If I don’t have my notebook on me I write a memo on my phone. You could write it on your hand, or record a voice memo. There are so many ways to do this simple technique.

This technique is also useful if you can’t do what you thought of at the time of thinking of it. Take note of it to come back to.

I find I think of things when I’m falling asleep also. There’s studies done that show our brain processes everything that happened during the day just before we go to sleep. I always have the notebook left on the bed side locker.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and will get some use out of it.


P.S. Procrastination was a big factor in the length of time between the last post and this post! Damn you procrastination!!!

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