Hello, and Welcome


As I sit here about to write my first post, the hardest thing to decide on is a topic which will grab your attention.

My first thought is to give a history of my musical journey so far, but that could turn into a bullet point run down of my life. I could tell you the reasoning behind starting to blog, but that’s a grand scheme and we could be here for a while. I think I’’ll start with where I’’m at on my musical journey.

Put simply, I’’m a musician. I play music, not an instrument, music. I play in my spare time as I have a job as a software developer. The music can’’t pay the bills. I have a band which I devote most of my attention to but I will never turn down the opportunity to work with other artists. When I get a call I hate saying no and I try and say no as little as possible. It has allowed me to gig in styles from metal to trad to big band, and build up quite a long list of contacts who have called on me to step in on many an occasion. This has also shaped my style of playing, which I will talk about in a later post.

I say I’’m a musician and not specifically a bass player because the instrument is just the vessel through which we communicate our thoughts, ideas and mood. I came to this conclusion after reading Victor Wooten’s book The Music Lesson, I’’ll discuss this in a later post. I implore any musician to read this book, it completely changed my outlook on music, and life too. I own over 10 different instruments and I play all of them. Depending on my mood I may decide to pick up the banjo, not the piano accordion because I’’m in a light hearted mood and i want to play some bluegrass.

I’ve started my musical journey, I don’t know how far I am along it but I do know two things, it will lead me down some interesting paths and it will end the day I die.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will read my posts in the future, I have plenty of titles to work on. I intend to share my experiences and learnings with you and I hope you take something away with you. I will keep my facebook page up to date with gigs so if you see a gig you can come to please come up and chat to me after.


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